5 Important Reasons to Write Well in Business

15th June 2021 Axies Digital

Often, the importance of writing well in business is neglected.

However, with the global workforce ever-changing, we must improve how we communicate, and that includes writing. No matter what area of the business it's used for, writing well is a valuable asset to any business.

Written communication comes with a long list of forms, such as letters, emails, reports, presentations and online copy. Regardless of who you're writing for, the way you write can have an impact.

Here are 5 important reasons to write well in business:

1. Professionalism

In the digital age we live in today, business communication is increasingly coming in a shorthand fashion. With things like Tweets and text messaging, there's arguably an excuse for shorthand, but it seems to be contagious. Even email communication has taken a much less formal style than traditional letters.

To many, this type of writing can seem lazy and abrupt, and the person on the recieving end can interpret the message as unimportant, as if it was not worth the sender's time to communicate in complete sentences and with proper grammar.

With that said though, a carefully-written email can have higher impact, and be more impressive because of its immediate transmission; the receiver feels important as the sender wanted to ensure the communication was sent quickly.

2. Sensitivity

Just how people speak, the way people write is constantly evolving, but we must consider the sensitivities of different groups.

So, the language used in writing should be inclusive and free of bias to all who may read it. Using language that may be offensive can diminish your credibility and you could lose your audience. As such, ensure your writing is free from implied judgements, especially those based on gender, race, disability or age.

Therefore, when writing, put yourself in the reader's shoes: would you feel offended reading what you’ve written?

3. Not Robotic

Today, using technology is the way we communicate - there’s no denying it! Sometimes though, automation takes over, resulting in a robotic tone of voice.

Don’t worry, robots will not take over human jobs! You just need to put the effort into your writing. Essentially, when time is invested in your writing, your receivers are more likely to engage with you.

So you may be wondering what's this biggest thing to avoid? Well, it's easy - avoid using unnecessary complicated language or unexplained acronyms. Doing so, will make your writing easier to read, and just remember to be friendly with the focus in mind!

4. Business Courtesy

Any form of business communication, whether a letter or email, must mirror the same consideration and politeness that would be shown during face to face interaction.

In other words, courteous communication portrays the sender's respect for the recipient - a good representation of the company they’re working for. Professional writers should take into consideration their personal tone and logic, avoiding poor grammar and word choice.

5. Build a Solid Online Presence

At the end of the day, business is all about presentation. All business owners have goals to attract potential clients to discover their company and services, through an effective online presence.

Typically, to achieve this goal, websites are created along with blogs and social media accounts. As such, quality content is key here: produce well-written content that presents your business in the best light, attracting people to buy from you.

The Takeaway

Of course, there are many other ways to write well, and these are by no means the last words. That said, these are some important reasons why writing well is important for your business. Consider these factors above and improve your writing to reap the benefits it can bring.

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