2021 in Numbers

30th December 2021 Adam George

At this time of the year it is commonplace to take a step back to reflect on the preceding 12 months, hopefully looking over how successful a year it's been and how much progress has been made.

However, after another year of lockdowns and uncertainty, I'd imagine many of us are looking back with mixed feelings, having revised expectations several times throughout the year and still looking at an uncertain start to 2022.

At PowerPlanner, we've been blessed enough to be able to report a handful of noteworthy achievements in 2021:

  • 9 new firms have been welcomed on board during the course of the year.
  • 31 different financial advisers have used our services throughout 2021.
  • 501 suitability reports have been delivered, up from 426 last year.
  • 1,101 product recommendations have been made across all cases written this year.
  • Average turnaround times were 2.13 working days so still down below 3 working days and well within our 5-day target.
  • An extra 2 API integrations have been developed. As well as making improvements to our internal software and our adviser portal, we are now in a position to start alpha testing integration with IRess XPLAN and have also held discussions with Curo about API integration too.

The key achievement from our point of view is the fact we've been able to keep our turnaround times comfortably within 5 working days. I know turnaround times aren't everything, but this data point is a good indicator of our productivity and level of service.

If our turnaround times are consistent, we know we can continue to deliver at scale and have capacity to deliver for our advisers with the high level of quality and cost-effective service to which they have become accustomed. If things start taking longer, this would potentially indicate an inefficiency creeping in and we'd be prompted to adapt our technology to address this wherever possible.

So, what about 2022? Well, we'd again be looking to increase the number of cases we can write, and are looking to welcome many more advisers in doing so.

In particular, we believe we have a lot to offer to networks or firms looking to expand, as we can configure our software to suit our customers' compliance requirements and personal preferences, thus providing a reliable and efficient solution to their paraplanning needs. We'll certainly be keen to team up with financial planning companies that see the business value in building these kinds of processes.

In the meantime, I'd like to wish all our readers a happy new year, and hope you all enjoy growth and prosperity in 2022.

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