2019 in Numbers

30th December 2019 Adam George

It's the end of what's been a solid year for PowerPlanner, consolidating the success of recent years by keeping established advisers happy and also attracting new ones. We've continued to make improvements to the software and refine our processes to ensure things are as slick as possible.

It's always interesting to look at some of the stats at the end of a year. Here's how our 2019 looks from a numbers point of view:

  • Number of different advisers we've worked with = 24
  • Number of different firms we've worked with = 11
  • Total number of cases written = 382
  • Total number of plans analysed = 703
  • Total number of product recommendations made = 864
  • Average turnaround time = 2.85 working days
  • Most productive adviser = 7.62 cases per month

Compared with last year, there is a general improvement across the board. We've written 38 more cases than in 2018 and recommended 85 more financial products, albeit having worked with slightly fewer advisers than in 2018 (it was 25 across 12 different firms). Our average case turnaround times are also improved in 2019, having been 3.29 working days previously. I'm very pleasantly surprised that we've managed to get average turnaround times under 3 days having also written more reports than last year.

This is all good news, as it shows we've been able to deliver more for our customers whilst still maintaining a fast and reliable service overall.

So, what about 2020? Well, we're certainly looking to increase the number of cases we can write again, and are looking to welcome many more advisers in doing so. Technological enhancements are set to continue too, with IO integration planned for Q1 2020, which should make things even more streamlined for those using our services.

In the meantime, I'd like to wish all our readers a happy new year, and hope you all enjoy growth and prosperity in 2020.

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